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Minneapolis, Minnesota at night from the old Guthrie Theater.

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Minneapolis MN got its start at the Mississippi River, at the base of St. Anthony Falls. By the 1850's, St. Anthony Falls powered Minneapolis into the industrial era as lumbermen and millers were interested in the hydro power it offered.

The community of St. Anthony on the east side of the Mississippi River near St. Anthony Falls was surveyed and platted as a townsite in 1849, the same year the territory of Minnesota was established.

Minneapolis was authorized by the Minnesota Territorial Legislature in 1856 as a town. In 1858 the town government of Minneapolis was organized. Then in 1867 the city of Minneapolis was incorporated.

Today, Minneapolis MN is the crown jewel of the Midwest. It is part of the greater metropolitan Twin Cities with Minneapolis on the west side of the Mississippi River and St. Paul lying on the east side of the river.

From a vibrant and active cultural landscape, rich with theaters, museums, and other destinations that is outclassed only by New York City; to the natural beauty of its 22 lakes and numerous parks. Minneapolis MN has so much to offer.

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